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These entry tickets are our most important support for the project, which is why we insist so much on your visits being important in order to continue helping the cats.
With these tickets you are helping us to maintain the space where they live temporarily, to have professionals taking care of them properly, to be able to take them out of the shelters, to keep them in good conditions etc...

Simple entry ticket* (6 eur) is the basic entry ticket offering 1 hour entry 

*One ticket per visitor

If you would like to stay more than 1 hour with our cats, you can add Extra Time to your entrance ticket by adding 1 euro per 15 minutes as a contribution to our project.

You don't need to decide in advance if you will consume a beverage or snack, you can decide whilst you are having fun with the cats and we will make sure to make the final sum at the end of your visit.

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