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Espai de Gats would not be possible without the human team behind it. Even though we are not the founders of the project, our mission is to continuing to help cats beyond our other cat projects. 


The team is made up by two enterprising women who -obviously-  love cats: 


- Montse GRAU, the current president of the Association has a background as veterinary technical assistant (VTA). Montse not only runs the association but also is part of the Calma Felina project, dedicated to the search and management of cat foster homes and their subsequent adoptions.


- Sara FERRANDO, also trained as a VTA was also working in a clinic until she became part of our team. She's worked as a feline therapist in Terapia Felina. She is also trained in Bach Flower therapy, kibble- based nutrition and raw food nutrition. 

She is in charge of the social media together with Montse and the creator of our new website.


- Rosa Aguilera, also a feline therapist trained by Terapia Felina. She's in charge of our monthly talk "Café Con Gatos" and helps us in the behavioural aspect of our cats. If you want to know cats better you can follow her on instagram @aspiranteagato

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