Our ticket entrance cost 6 euros per person (payment in advance and non refundable) for an 1h stay, we are a NON PROFIT ORGANIZATION so this is the only way we can continue with our work. Please be understanding of that.

If you want to book for more than 4 people it is necessary to send and e-mail at

Espai de Gats is a unique place in Barcelona. A place where you can relax surrounded by the purrs of our lovely cats, work on your computer or play with the cats while sipping on a delicious cup of coffee. We also have books to read and free Wi-Fi.

It is currently compulsory to book your visit in advance. You will also need to inform us via email if you wish to book for more than four people - we will need to know if it is some special occasion and if any children will be joining you. If for some reason you cannot attend on the day of your booking, please be so kind to advise us, this way we can offer your spot to the next person in line.

Remember that by booking you accept our house rules, please read them in advance.

You can click here to know more about 

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Monday:           CLOSED

Tuesday:          17 to 21h

Wednesday:    17 to 21h

Thursday:         17 to 21h

          Friday:              10:30 to 13:30                                     and 17 to 21h

          Saturday:          10:30 to 13:30h
                                 and 16 to 21h

Sunday:            16 to 21h