Terms and conditions

Rules and advice to make your stay and that of the cats that live in the cat café as pleasant as possible


:In the case of breaching these rules, the club staff may invite you to leave the facilities, that is why we advise you to read carefully and to contact our staff if you have any questions:

  • Everyone who enters the cat café does so at their own risk and responsibility, taking into account the presence of cats within the cat café. The entrance can be dangerous for allergy sufferers and children.

  • Children under 18 must enter accompanied by at least one adult for every two minors. For exceptions, contact our staff before making the reservation. The accompanying adult is fully responsible for the behavior of minors. Children can move within the café spaces, always under adult supervision and under no circumstances invading the space of other Members. Noises of unpleasant volume to the ears of cats are not accepted.

  • Reservations are made by default of 60 minutes except for the last hours where the reservation is adjusted at closing. Reservations will be held 15 minutes after the reserved time. After this time, they will be canceled.

  • It is totally forbidden to enter the cat café with cats or other animals.

  • No type of aggression towards cats is accepted. We appreciate you avoiding aggressive games with cats. We put at your disposal suitable toys for your safety and that of the cats.

  • Please respect the character of each cat. What one likes may not be liked by another. We put their files at your disposal so that you know the history of each one. It will always be the cat who decides when it is a moment of play and when it wants to be pampered. The best way to get close to a cat is to wait for him / her to get close.

  • Cats are gourmet, they may ask for your food or try to take it, but feeding cats is not allowed without the express authorization of the club staff.

  • Cats' ears are very sensitive. We appreciate you avoiding loud or unnecessary noises.

  • Cats love to sleep, they can sleep up to 20 hours a day. Please don't bother them if they are sleeping.

  • Be careful where you step, cats can be right next to your foot and be careful when opening and closing the doors.

  • If you want to take pictures of them, don't use the camera flash, it is very annoying for their eyes.

  • In case of an accident (scratch, bite), contact the club staff.

  • If you see (or smell) something you don't like, let the club staff know. Whether it's pebbles of sand, cat hair on your chair, a cat with inappropriate behavior… If you let us know, we can fix it and make your stay at the club as pleasant as possible.


Thank you for your understanding and collaboration!

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