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Can I bring my cat?

NO. To comply with the regulations, our cats are subjected to rigorous veterinary control and preventive measures as well as special legal documents. If something were to happen with a cat outside of our association we could face legal consequences.Also, respecting the nature of feline behaviour, most cats do not like to be moved around and get stressed if encountering with another cats they don't know.


Do I have to book to visit the cat café?

It is actually mandatory to book to visit as due to COVID-19 restrictions we have reduced capacity of visitors.


Can I enter if I have an allergy or suspect that I may have an allergy to cats?

It depends on the degree of your allergy and / or if you are willing to risk it. We warn you that we cannot administer any type of medication if necessary.


Can I take any of your cats home with me?

¡Not on the same day! If you've fallen in love with one of our cats, please talk to the staff and they will explain to you how the adoption process works, but in case you can't wait just check it yourself here ;).

Do you have kittens?

No. At Espai de Gats we opt to give visibility only to adult cats as kittens are what everyone is looking for and are easily adopted. It is important to mention that a lot of our cats are precisely those kittens that were adopted one day and ended up being abandoned. We want to show to our visitors how beautiful and amazing they are and how they are deserving of the same opportunities as the young ones.

Where do your cats come frome?

Our cats come from various animal shelters and associations with whom we collab, some of them include: Gats del Carrer, Proaniplan, Rápita Felina, CAAC Maresme, CAAC Lleida, Rescats, CAAC Tarragona, SPAC...

I have products my cat doesn't use anymore, can I bring it to you?

Of course! Meds, food, toys, beds... we take anything and if there's something our cats won't use we donate it to the other associations we collab with. We don't throw anything! We also collect bed sheets, blankets and if you happen to have dog stuff you don't use we can also donate it to some animal shelter.

How can I volunteer or collaborate with you?

We do not have a volunteer program right now but maybe we do in the near future ;). If you want to help us to keep the project going in some way, check the 10 most important ones  here.

These are the most frequently asked questions about Espai de Gats. If you have any questions not covered in this section or in the rest of the web, do not hesitate to write to us at or through Facebook. We will be delighted to answer you!
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