These are the most frequently asked questions about Espai de Gats. If you have any questions not covered in this section or in the rest of the web, do not hesitate to write to us at or through Facebook. We will be delighted to answer you!


Can I bring my cat?

NO. To comply with the regulations, our cats are subjected to rigorous veterinary control and preventive measures. Not being able to guarantee the same for cats outside the club, their entry is not allowed.

Also, respecting the nature of feline behavior, most cats do not like to be moved around.


Do I have to book to visit the cat café?

It is not mandatory but due to the cat café's capacity it is highly recommended. If you come without a reservation, we cannot guarantee a place even if you are a regular member.


Can I enter if I have an allergy or suspect that I may have an allergy to cats?

It depends on the degree of your allergy and / or if you are willing to risk it. We warn you that we cannot administer any type of medication if necessary.


Can I take any of your cats home with me?

Talk to our staff. Most of the Espai de Gats cats are up for adoption. We can advise or help you find a cat that, according to its character, is the best companion for you.

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