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how you can help

Espai de Gats is an association and therefore we are sustainable only thanks to you. In fact, by helping us, you will also be helping other associations, as by welcoming their cats in our premises, we are freeing up space in their shelters and refuge so that more cats can be rescued. 


In our case there are 9 fundamental ways you can help us and we show them to you here:

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1. Visit our cat cafe

Pampering our cats is the most pleasant way to help them and, if you also accompany the visit with a drink or a snack, you will be helping us even more!


2.  Buy in our shop

From our merchandising, objects for cat lovers to toys, food and other products for cats, all sales benefit our cats. 

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4. Participate in our workshops

In this way you will not only learn or have a good time but you will also be helping us. You can see the upcoming events on this page.


3. Become a teamer


At Teaming, a completely secure platform, you can sign up to contribute with 1 euro per month, generally for extraordinary veterinary expenses for our cats. You can join by clicking here.


5.  Donate cat products

Things that your cat does not use: food, cat furniture, common veterinary medicine... you can bring them to us and if there is something we do not need we always donate it to the associations we collaborate with. We don't throw anything away, everything is used!

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6. Donate

You can also make a one-off donation to the Espai de Gats Association via Paypal, credit card or at our BBVA bank account ES1401822987520200672953


7. Protect your windows and balconies

Safety at home, for our cats, is very important. If you need to make an enclosure we have the perfect team: David and Monica have been working for almost 10 years in the field of protection for both animal shelter and individuals and in a totally personalized way. Write to us here or through the social networks and we will inform you about it, you will not regret it!


8.  Donate your time and talent

If you think that some hobby, work, talent you have (you or someone you know) can help us and you have a proposal, we invite you to tell us about it here! We love to collaborate with any cat lover and to offer new activities to our cat lovers.


9.  Order your cat portrait

at Acuareva

Eva is a watercolour artist who specialises in animal portraits. By commissioning a portrait from our association you not only receive a discount, but you get a unique painting of your best friend. You can take a look at her art here.


10.  Collabing  at  Charity Kitty NFT

Dani is an illustrator and has a huge love for cats, so he decided to creat a unique NFT initiative: Using randomly created kitties as non expendable tokens so they can be adopted, you will be able to help real cats like ours.  You can adopt them  here.

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