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adopting a cat

The main objective of Espai de Gats is to find a permanent home for the cats that are temporarily lodged at the cat café and others that are still waiting in shelters. Broadly speaking, we want to encourage responsible adoption.

That's why if you visit us several times, you won't find the same cats.

The space left by an adopted tenant is immediately occupied by another cat in need of adoption and so on. 

At Espai de Gats we opt for adult cats. Many of them were once kittens that someone had a crush on and were later on abandoned.

We want to make all these cats and their stories known, not to make you sad, but to raise awareness of their reality and the necessity for our project.

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We deserve a home!

The cats in the cat cafe are all sterilized, with up-to-date vaccines and registered microchips. Adoptions are always processed by a previous interview with the interested family, contract and follow-up once the cat is adopted.


If you are thinking of adopting, visit us in order to meet our current tenants, there are info sheets of all of them in the cat cafe. In addition, the Human Team will inform you of all the details, both about the cats and about the adoption process followed by Espai de Gats, in case you fall in love with one of the tenants.

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